Land Administration – General Land Register (GLR)

The following areas have been declared as Bazar Area under Rule 2 (b) of Cantonment Land Administration Rule 1937 and 43-A of the Cantonments Act, 1924 and are being managed by the Cantonment Board:-


S.No Description Area
1 Cantt Board Show room 0.417 Acres
2 Ornamental plot 4.377 Acres
3 Pumping Station 0.278 Acres
4 Road & Green Belts in AFHS 15.43 Acres
5 Cantt Board Office  0.227 Acres
6 Bazar area Drigh Road  48.98 Acres
7 Cantt House & Cantt Shopping Mall  1.03 Acres
8 Road & Green Belts in AGHS 9.806 Acres
9 Graveyard  5.475 Acres 



S.No Description Area
1 Cantonments’ House  0.417 Acres

The General Land Register and plans in respect of Bazar Area are being updated in accordance with the latest instruction of the Department.

The income from tax on transfer of immovable property @ 2% of the value assessed.