Cantonment Board Faisal was Established in 1925 as a strategically important British Royal Air force Base vide Government of Bombay Revenue Department Notification No.4840/24 dated 04-11-1925, the Faisal Cantonment was then known as "Drigh Road Cantonment". The municipal limits of Faisal Cantonment were altered in 1988 vide SRO 419(1)/88 dated 07-06-1988 with excision of the area of Azimabad No.1, Massan Ghat, Haidri Goth, Rehmanabad Housing Project, Tandoor Colony, Pak Sadat Colony, Millat Colony and New Iqbalabad; and again altered in 1995 vide Government of Pakistan Ministry of Defence SRO No.788(1)/95 dated    01-08-1995 with extension towards Civil Aviation, KDA Officer Co-operative Housing Society, Town ship and Malir Halt areas. As of today, Faisal Cantonment comprises an area of 10198.05 acres having a population is 292,196 in accordance with the fifth population census of 2017. Faisal Cantonment is a Class-I Cantonment vide SRO (1)/2002 dated 26-01-2002. CBF is a mini Pakistan, inhabiting people belonging to all four provinces, all castes and creeds. It is inhabited by influential and affluent classes living in AFOHS, KDA 1-A, DOHS, KDAOCHS, middle class aboding in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Jouhar, CGECHS & lower class in Drigh Road Cantt. Bazar Malir Halt etc. Initially in the limit of Cantonment Board Faisal  most of population were comprising of Mohajirs  who were settled in Karachi from India after partition in 1947 and now living here people (like Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashtuns and Baloch etc)  belongs to all four provinces of Pakistan including urdu speaking.



As per yardstick provided vide Section 13 of the Cantonments Act, 1924 and as per census of 1998 showing a civil population of (1,30,074) individuals. The Cantonment of Faisal is a Class – I Cantonment. It has been divided into Ten Electoral Ward. As per the latest Census in 1998, its population must be well over Three Hundred thousand if the population of troops stationed at Faisal Cantt is added.