Fumigation Schedule


Area Timing Morning

4:00 to 8:30

Area Timing Evening

6:00 to 11:00
Monday Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-12 Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-20
Tuesday Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-13 Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-10/A
Wednesday Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-16/A, 15,14 KDA Scheme 1-A KDA OCHS, DOHS
Thursday Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-17 Gulshan-e-Jamal
Friday Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-18 Shah Faisal Town Malir Halt 
Saturday Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-19 Drigh Road Cantt Bazar
Monday Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-20 Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-12
Tuesday Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-10/A Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-13
Wednesday KDA Scheme 1-A KDA OCHS, DOHS Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-16/A, 15,14
Thursday Gulshan-e-Jamal Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-17
Friday Shah Faisal Town Malir Halt  Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-18
Saturday Drigh Road Cantt Bazar Gulistan-e-Jouhar Block-19