Our arborist does everything from management, care, removal and planting of trees. We are specialised in all of this and have a good background knowledge of the species of trees and the pests and diseases that trees can succumb too. CBF uses specialised equipment which is all certified and tested to use and will buy from a specialised equipment shop like this one in the link

Cantt Board Faisal is maintaining one nursery at Shahra-e-Faisal near PAF Base Faisal. Seasonal Plants (flowering) are being produced in the Nursery. In future mostly evergreen plants will be produced by our own nurseries for plantation in Cantonment Area to improve the environment.

All sub-tropical trees & shrubs i.e Alstonia, Amaltas, Sukhchain, Lagerstroemia, Moraya, Jacaranda, Jectorpha and Nim are highly suitable for Cantt environment and some temperate region plants are also successful under intensive care like Pines and Chinnar etc.

Cantonment Board Faisal has Planted around 26000 Saplings along different roads and parks in CBF Area.